2019 PRODUCTS Line

“Modernism made to order” has been the constant phrase to describe the Daniel Donnelly studio in Alexandria. Some people call our personalized design service “double custom” which refers to a product built for your taste and space.The current limeup of products features unique sofas, bespoke lighting systems, singular lounging and furnishings options, and neo-modernist bedding.

Daniel Donnelly Sofas

Several lines of sofas are currently offered by DDMD. There is the Late Nite Series, with individual pieces modeled after the super-comfy models you see on late night talk shows. There is the Seth Myers model, for instance, or the James Corden, each individualized to match their namesakes.

The Eames Limousine with Ottoman is a daring interpretation of a long favorite whcih Donnelly had modernized while keeping the lines classic and tasteful.

And then there is the New Plan Sectional, an interlocking sofa solution which can anchor a living room with a distinct personality, allowing the homeowner control over their domestic landscapes. You can read more about this unique design in this interview with Donnelly: “The New Plan Sectional: Keeping Your Space Flexible.”

SMyers Notch sofa 4.jpg

AM Bed 3.jpg

Daniel Donnelly Platform Beds

The Ann Margaret Platform Bed comes in four catalog sizes but can also be produced to custom specifics. Daniel Donnelly was delivering metal beds from modern re-manufacturers in California when he decided to make his own line of beds. The metal frames made odd noises, and didn't have the slats to allow the mattresses to breathe. Furthermore the California platforms didn't fold, which meant transporting it after initial installation was never easy for the client. When he made his own platform beds, Donnelly made sure the frames could fold and be easily transported, made from the best woods he could get, and with slats to allow the mattresses access to fresh air. The Ann Margarets are designed to provide a lifetime of cozy and comfortable sleep and snooze.

Available in maple, walnut, rosewood and teak, the Ann Margaret Platform Bed comes in DoubleQueen and King sizes, with or without headboards.

Daniel Donnelly Cabinets

Storage solutions have been a large part of the Donnelly design line for years. So much of storage involves a plastic boxing up of space without any aesthetic at all. Donnelly’s cabinets are bright, cheery, functional, and always fit into their place.

Mini Cab DDMD PDF order.jpg

Daniel Donnelly Lighting

DDMD ceramic table lamp 1400-50-6600.jpg

With his line of lights dating back 20 years, Daniel has moved from sconces to a full range of lighting options for any room, residential or commercial. He’s adapted a line of ceramics to make hand-shaped bespoke lamps for floor or tabletop applications.