Daniel Donnelly Modern Design
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The New Plan Sectional

“I recommend this New Plan Sectional sofa system as opposed to the conventional full length sofa which kind of clogs up your life,” says Daniel Donnelly. “The New Plan Sectional opens up the possibility of your space.”

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The Ann Margaret

When he made his own platform beds, Donnelly made sure the frames could fold and be easily transported, made out of the best woods he could get, and with slats to allow the mattresses access to fresh air. The Ann Margarets are designed to provide a lifetime of cozy and comfortable sleep and snooze.

Site Samples

Check this link to see examples of Daniel Donnelly’s furnishings and designs in use in homes and commercial spaces. These can help you envision what your own space can be if a unique and utilitarian design is given center stage.

Client Spotlight

In 40 years of business in and around the Nation’s Capital, Daniel Donnelly’s studio has had a wide array of clients, from the set designers at NBC’s Saturday Night Live, to the current political notoriety Roger Stone, to the Pew Charitable Trust and the Martin Luther King Library. Take a look at this distinguished roster.


Our studio is a unique assembly of talent and experience. From upholstery experts to master woodworkers to finishing techs, our team of talented staff have the capacity to create a great range of products.